Mill Levy Override (MLO) 4A
What is the Mill Levy Override 4A?
An MLO asks voters living in the Trinidad Scool District to approve a collection of additional mills on property taxes above what is allowed by the State of Colorado. That additional tax collection is then directly distibuted to the Trinidad School District. This is the ONLY  way a school district can collect additional operational dollars.

- Trinidad Middle School -
Many years of use have caused the deterioration of the driveways & parking areas.
How would the MLO 4A work?

•Variables include: Levy Rate, Levy Term, AV
•Assessed Valuation Estimate - $116,000,000
•One Mill will generate $116,000 Annually
•Ballot question will include a Sunset Provision

•It would cost the average Home owner $3/month (or $36/year)*.
•It would cost seniors 65 and over enrolled in the Colorado Homestead Exemption $1.50/month ($18/year)*.
•The State will match funds for seniors enrolled in the Colorado Homestead Exemption (FREE MONEY)

These funds would be used for:
     •Teacher / Staff Pay Increases
     •School technology improvements
     •Building maintenance
     •School Buses / Transportation

*Based on $100,000 appraised value
- Trinidad Middle School -
Although the former swimming pool appears to be usable, it does not meet current health standards for water purification & recycling.

•Of school districts in Colorado, TSD1 ranks 161st out of 178 districts in total levy rate.
•89%of students in Colorado attend districts that receive funding through a MLO.
•Of 64 counties in Colorado, Las Animas County ranks 61st in Median Property Taxes.
•Of 3,143 counties in the United States, Las Animas County ranks 2,595th for property taxes as a percentage of median income.
•Current Tax Rate for Las Animas County property owner:
          Trinidad School District                             17.075
          Las Animas County                                          9.358
          City of Trinidad                                               17.579
          Trinidad Ambulance District                      2.907
          Total County Tax Rate                               46.919

- Trinidad Middle School -
This photo depicts the challenges with the plumbing in the building.