What are the Bond Issue 4B & BEST Grant?
Do schools receive pot money? One way school districts can access pot money is to apply and be selected to receive the Building Excelent Schools Today (BEST) grant. BEST provides an annual amount of funding in the form of competetive grants which can be used for the construction of new schools and general construction and renovation of existing school facility systems and structures.

BEST is funded with four revenue sources, one of which is Marijuana Excise Taxes. The first $40,000,000 received and collected from the excise tax on retail marijuana earned annually from the recreational marijuana industry is transferred into the BEST Program Assistance Fund.

- Trinidad Middle School -
The deteriorated cornice of the roof system are evident as well as past patches in the mortar. The building is in need of tuck-pointing of its brick exterior. Note the window fan in the third story window opening.
In May 2018, the Trinidad School District #1 BEST Team presented an application to the BEST grant board requesting $13,186,008 with a 36% local match of $4,746,962 to renovate the historic Trinidad Middle School.

8 of 31 applicants (districts) were selected, TSD1 was number 10 (2nd runner up). We are preparing to be in position so we can take advantage of the BEST grant if one of the 8 districts do not come up with its local match. The district does not have the $4.7 million for the local match if we do move up in postition to take avantage of the grant. The district will be asking the public at the November election to raise the local match contingent on receiving the BEST funds. The last general obligation bond issue approved by citizens of Trinidad was in 2000.

District facilities, including Trinidad Middle School, continue to deteriorate and are in much need of capital improvements.  The Trinidad Middle School was originally built as Trinidad High School in 1911 and opened in 1912. A Facilities Maintenance Master Plan determined the Trinidad Middle School requires extensive renovation for health and safety reasons.
- Trinidad Middle School -
This is the water heater system for the Middle School's swimming pools & gym. It is out-of-date, & consequently inefficient.

•Total project cost - $13,186,008

Which means?

•$4,746,962 - Trinidad's commitment from bond (36% - this is our local contribution).
•$8,439,046 - State's commitment from (BEST) grant (64% - this is  the State's contibution. FREE MONEY).
• 20-year general obligation bond.

As stated, this money would be used for Trinidad Middle School Renovations.


•Estimated $116,000,000 assessed valuation.
•20 year general bond.
•Annual required funding - $415,000
•Required Mill Rate increase - 3.556 Mills
•Annual increase to homeowner, based on $100,000 appraised value - $25.60

-Trinidad Middle School -
This is clear evidence of structural deterioration reflecting more than 100 year of use. These issues need to be addressed to ensure continued use of the building.
Why is this the 'BEST' option?

•The BEST Grant provides an opportunity to receive capital improvement funds with minimal local investment...36 cents on the dollar!
•State funding continues to lag basic requirements
•Since 2009 the Negative Factor and mid-year cuts have reduced Trinidad funding by $11,247,626
•Last bond passage was in the year 2000, used to:
          - Build Fisher's Peak (East Street School roof collapse)
          - Acquire land for Fisher's Peak
          - Remodel at Eckhart