Trinidad Middle School is the oldest, and largest facility in the Trinidad School District. The original building was constructed in 1911 and is approximately 41,000 square feet spread over 3 floors. This area contains most of the classrooms. A pool, gym and auditorium were added in 1922, adding approximately 24,000 square feet.

Today, the total area of the Middle School is approximately 115,600 square feet. As expected with a facility of this age and eras, much of the building systems have fallen victim to deffered maintenance and have outlived their usual life.
Original 1911 Trinidad High School (now Trinidad Middle School)
Classrooms in the 1911 building have no cooling which makes the builing very uncomfortable in the spring and fall for all occupants. Additionally, no classrooms have mechanical ventilation, and subsequently, a majority of the windows do not open properly. Consequently, most classrooms are not receiving the code-required amount of fresh air and indoor air quality is suffering.

The comprehensive renovation of Trinidad Middle School is a significant first step in executing the Facility Master Plan goals, and provides the district with a modern educational enviroment and the foundation of the district for decades to come, as it had for over a century before.
- Trinidad Middle School -
The foundation of the structure is in need of stabilization. Several areas have eroded as a result of ground water penetration.
Fire Response System Urgently Needs:

•Comprehensive replacement of exit doors and frames throughout builing to resolve security and safety issues.

•New door and hardware between science lab and storage room.

•New dry valve for third floor fire suppression system of original building.

•Restore and recommission the smoke ventilation system above the stage.

•Recommission the smoke ventilation system of the atrium.

•Install alarms and extinguishers in 1922 gym.
- Trinidad Middle School -
These are the shower room facilities lovated within the locker room of the Middle School gym, which are inadequate & out-of-date by current standards.
Other upgrades using FREE money:

•Meet current health and safety standards

•Extend life of building

•Meet educational needs of students

Please do your part to help the School District that has taught our youth in Trinidad for generations!

District Mission:
Trinidad School District #1 will provide all students with a comprehensive system of support, a safe learning enviroment and the opportunity to reach his/her academic and leadership potential as determined by state and national standards.