2019 Creative Writing Contest
Featured Stories

I Believe
By: Leland Roybal

I believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, 
And Tooth Fairies 
I believe in candy bars, root beer floats, 
And chocolate covered cherries
I believe in wishing on a star,
Going to the moon, and catching a giant fish
I believe in my mom's hugs, bedtime stories,
And a spoon running away with a dish
I also believe that people are good, caring, and kind,
This is what's in a seven year olds mind

*Featured April 30, 2019  

  Trapped in Space!
By: Hailee Rios

It was scary!  I woke up in space!  I didn't know where I was or how I got there.  As soon as I stood up, I floated high up in the air, until I plummeted on the ice-cold moon.
It was so dark, quiet in the abyss.  The sun shimmered so bright.  I admired the view of the universe.  I knew I had to leave soon.  I missed my family.
How am I going to find a way out?  How am I going to find a way out?  Suddenly I felt warmth and comfort.  I didn't know where it was coming from.  Out of nowhere I heard my mom saying "wake up sweetie it's time for school, you've been out for a while!"

*Featured April 30, 2019  
Life of a Marshmallow
By: Eliyana Lovato

What a life, do you know how difficult it is to be a marshmallow?

First, it is this hot tub thing. Well, at least we thought it was a hot tub. There we were, just kicking back soaking in hot chocolate, UNTIL WE STARTED TO MELT!

Then, there is this thing, you people call a s’more. You squish us between gram crackers and chocolate, and, you try to melt us, again!

If you are not trying to melt us, you dry us out, dye us pink, blue and green, and tell us we are magically delicious.

WE ARE BIG AND FLUFFY, we are not meant to be squished and melted, and we are not magically delicious, we are naturally delicious.

Now, this whole fountain thing is fabulous! Being covered in a
blanket of rich, milk chocolate , that is genius!

*Featured April 29, 2019

By: Madison Lee Veltri

Snoopy is my new puppy.  He has black and brown fur.  He has a special nose it is shaped like a heart.  He can do tricks.  His favorite trick is jump.  We give him treats.  Same times Snoopy is a bad boy.  Chews on my shoes.  I love Snoopy so much.  Even if hes a bad boy.

*Featured May 2, 2019

The Dragon Under The Rocky Mountains

By: Kami Furia

           It all happened yesterday. Some teenagers were climbing carelessly among the Twin Peaks, when one stumbled over a white object the size of a log and fell. He had a minor concussion, but what he stumbled over would make history and become one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the next few centuries. This is the story of the dragon under the Rocky Mountains.                
        It was an extremely long time ago, long before the unintelligent reptiles 65 million years ago. Ancient winged lizards roamed the earth. They were enormous, and very intelligent too. They had an amazing kingdom, palace, and even a queen. The Queen was gigantic, three times larger than any other dragon. She was very greedy, and wanted to control everything. One day, she attacked her own dragons, gone mad from her greed and hate. The dragons that were not dead, went to the oldest dragon they knew. He could do all sorts of magic. They begged him to do one simple thing. The old dragon agreed.
        The next morning the Queen got up and tried to rampage her kingdom again, but when she was flying, the ground shook and cracked and roared below her. She was suddenly swallowed whole by mountains. She clawed and tore at the mountains, but never got out. She eventually suffocated and died under the Rocky Mountains. The mountains were enchanted to last forever, so even if she did live, she would never get out. The mountains still stand today. And the teenager from earlier happened to trip on one of her bones.     
        Many say this is not the end. She is still waiting for her revenge, they say. But others regard it as a simple lie. Who knows, maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. But one thing’s for sure, the queen is not entirely dead.

*Featured May 3, 2019

Fluffy's Adventure

By: Brooke Pittman

          Once there was a kitten named Fluffy that loved to go outside and smell the pretty flowers. The first time that Fluffy smelled the flowers she sneezed and fell on her back. Her owner picked her up and brought her inside. A couple of months later, it was Fluffy’s birthday. The owner got the kitten a new friend. The friend was a puppy; it was so hyper that is scared Fluffy. It took them a couple of months to get along. Then they started to play together, and the owner was happy that they were getting along.  Then a year later it was the puppy’s birthday. Fluffy got really sad because the puppy was getting all of the attention. The owner saw that Fluffy was getting sad. The owner gave the cat a treat. Then the dog went to cuddle with Fluffy. Fluffy was really happy that the dog was being so nice. The owner decided not to celebrate their birthdays. If the owner celebrates their birthdays, then they will get sad. Then the owner will take the both of them out for a walk. After a few months the dog, Fluffy, and the owner lived happily ever after!! 

*Featured May 6, 2019

Aaron Rodgers
By: Jeremiah Trujillo

           One day there was a bad man named Aaron Rodgers. He was a bad man. He torched defenses with his powerful right arm. After a disappointing season after breaking his collarbone, they drafted a really good defense, which they needed. After their defense was ballin’ they traded away their defender   Haha  Clintindix free safety. For about four years, he was helping Aaron Rodgers win games, and then   they traded away his favorite receiver to throw to so he sucked for a while, but I promise you next year he’ll be the old Aaron Rodgers, the gun slinger, the man, the myth, the legend. He is still in his prime as of right now, and he’s not going to be in his prime much longer.  So they need to get him all the help he needs before he is no longer great anymore. He will just be a sucky average pathetic quarterback, but he will still be my favorite quarterback ever and will still go down as the best ever, AKA the G.O.A.T. Without him the Green Bay Packers would not be the team that they are today. They would not even be close to good. He puts the team on his back and yeah he had some serious injuries and he is getting pretty dang old (33 years old) but he still has a good three to four years left in him and with those last years I would hope that the Packers keep him and use him wisely. Maybe even get him some help so they would win a lot more and maybe even go to the super bowl and win but that’s only my opinion.

*Featured May 7, 2019

A Dog's Adventure
By: Addison Walters

          On June 21, 2011, Bell Baxter Carter was looking out the window when she saw her dad’s truck. He is a veterinarian. When he got out, he was holding a puppy. Bell ran to her dad. She took the puppy. Bell named the puppy Scout. Her dad told her she could keep it. He also said she would have to train Scout but he would help too. She was excited she got to train Scout.
The next day they started training Scout.  They started at the dog park.  Scout chased balls, sticks, and ran after Bell.  Bell’s dad said Scout was pretty good so far.  They went to Pet Smart.  They bought a food dish, water dish, and two dog beds.  They put the things in the back of the truck.  When they got home, their mom made supper.  When Bell was eating, Scout jumped and up took her steak.
The day after that Bell’s family went on a trip to Washington DC. They set up a tent a little outside of Washington. Bell went on a walk. She took Scout.  He went too far ahead of her that she could not see him, He ran off.  He went to a river and got wet.  Bell tracked him down and took him back to the campground.  They cooked marshmallows and watched fireworks.
That was just the beginning.  Scout grew up to be a very loyal dog.

*Featured May 8, 2019

By: C. Mestas

         Promises should be promised
lies shouldn’t be told
love should be forever even after you turn old
it shouldn’t fade out like a dime store dress
but turn into a never ending bless
take it to church and wear it right
even wear it on your shoulder when you’re in a fight
show her you love her even when you’re right.

*Featured May 9, 2019